Irish Author Michael Twomey

This is a pre-launch promo for a book by Irish author Michael Twomey. Distributed by Gill and McMillan, it will be in various book stores such as Waterstones, Easons, etc. across Ireland, possibly England, too. There will be an ebook but the details for that are unavailable at present. Michael’s first book “Irish Heart, English Blood: Early Modern Youghal” will be published in February 2014. He currently teaches Local History and Heritage in Adult Education and has also worked as a freelance journalist for the Evening Echo and the Irish Examiner.

Synopsis of “Irish Heart, English Blood”

For a period of 100 years Youghal town was witness to and an agent in the most extraordinary events between Ireland and England. Caught in the social, political and religious maelstrom that was the expanding English empire and the tumultuous changes across Europe, the town’s journey to prominence is a pathway laden with bloodied relics, shattered artefacts and torn articles. Throughout the turbulent years from the mid 1500’s to the mid 1600’s some of the most significant figures in Irish and English history either dwelt or passed through its gates on their way to making history. Irish Heart, English Blood explores the effect characters such as Walter Raleigh, Edmund Spenser, Lord Inchiquin, Richard Boyle and Oliver Cromwell had on Youghal and, in the wider context, Ireland. These were the men that caused and reacted to rebellion, reformation, ethnic cleansing, famine, a witch trial, piracy, sieges, civil war, international trade and economic development. More than this, Irish Heart, English Blood reveals the workings of the Early-Modern world and how its ordinary citizens survived the vagaries of extraordinary religious and political change.:

Here is a link to the book trailer; Anyone interested in the history of Ireland/England will like this.

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