Sleeping With Your Crush

Candy Crush Fallout

Candy Crush Fallout

If you haven’t heard of Candy Crush you must be living on another planet.  It’s a match three game you can play on your smart phone or Facebook.  It can be addictive, so this article comes with a warning.  Do you remember Tetris?  That game spawned the medical term Tetris Syndrome, seriously, look it up on Wikipedia.  I admit to being a user of Candy Crush.  You either love it or hate it.  I don’t play it, I use it.  The word “play” gives the impression you are enjoying yourself, relaxing, having fun.  If you become addicted you will find yourself begging, cheating, just needing one more “fix” before making dinner, doing homework, finishing that job your boss gave you to do.  Get the picture?  Sweet.

On a more positive note, as the title of this article says, I use Candy Crush to help me get to sleep.  I even yawned as I wrote that sentence.  If I am lying in bed and that precious state of slumber is being elusive, though it is way past midnight, I get my phone and play until my lives are gone.  Usually I am ready to drop off before that happens but I force myself to keep playing that extra life.  On occasion, overcome by drowsiness, I have to give up and switch my phone off, finally allowing my eyes to close as I drift off to the land of nod.  Divine.

Centro-de-rehabilitacion-de-los-adictos-al-Candy-CrushI have recently recommended Candy Crush to my clients who bite their nails, I own a salon.  One of the tricks to giving up this habit is to do something with your hands, besides putting them in your mouth.  I tell them to play holding their phone, not placing it on a  table or their lap.  It may even be used as a substitute for smoking.  This is an ongoing experiment and I will be publishing a scientific paper on the results of the trial in the near future. I predict Candy Crush will be classified as an illegal substance at some point, and only available on prescription.  Candycrush Anonymous clinics will spring up all over the place and we will read headlines about which latest celebrity has signed themselves into rehab, addicted to CC.

It is early morning as I finish writing this article and I am about to go downstairs to have my breakfast. I will prop my phone against a book (I used to be addicted to reading) at an angle that allows me to play Candy Crush without suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury.  Eating cereal with one hand, while striving to blow up jelly with the other is a strange, but somehow liberating way to start the day.  Delicious.

Originally posted on MARSocial by Jean Reinhardt (Sept 2013)

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Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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3 Responses to Sleeping With Your Crush

  1. I love Candy Crush too and often have to force myself to stop playing or I’d never go to bed. By the way, I think I unfollowed you by mistake a couple of days ago. I’m following you again now.


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