Thursday Doors


At a recent food festival in Dungarvan, County Waterford I found some very interesting subjects to photograph for this week’s Thursday Doors. I love the stonework in this old building which now serves as a supermarket. I think it might have been a mill in the past.


I suppose you’re wondering where the door is.


Of course, it’s a red one. Around the corner I found a white window, a narrow lane and an invitation – how could I resist.



Good food in a lovely setting with a bit of ‘wildlife’ for good measure – and I’m not talking about the pub scene.


Oops! Another red door. How did that sneak in there? The wildlife I encountered was quite tame. This beautiful barn owl was hand-reared from a three day old chick.


You never know what you’ll find when you venture through Thursday Doors. Have a look at what surprises Norm has in store and click the blue frog button at the bottom of his post.

WordPress informed me this morning that I signed up three years ago today (although it took many months before I had the know-how or the courage to publish my first post). I suppose it’s very appropriate that I celebrate my 3rd Blogaversary on a Thursday Doors post, as it has practically turned into an addiction for me at this stage. šŸ˜‰ Many thanks to Norman Frampton, creator of Thursday Doors (who also celebrated his own Blogaversary this month) and to everyone who has taken the time to pay a visit to my blog.


About Jean Reinhardt

Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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70 Responses to Thursday Doors

  1. Almost lost my attention with the food and owl. Fantastic door and window finds.

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  2. pommepal says:

    What a great day out you had Jean. That owl looks so cute and very wide awake too.

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  3. Dave Astor says:

    Congratulations, Jean, on the third anniversary of your blog! Always interesting — and visually interesting, too!

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  4. Norm 2.0 says:

    Well I’m glad (but not surprised) that your 3rd anniversary post ended at the bar šŸ˜›
    Congrats and cheers!
    All kidding aside, I do love the way they left the stones framing the doors and windows in that old mill. Great shots Jean.

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  5. Congratulations on three years, Jean. I know there will be many more. Love the stonework and the red door and pub and, of course, the owl and food. Looks like a great place to have a good time.


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  6. Congratulations, Jean, with your 3rd anniversary as well as with your photos. They are always lovely! I like all those reds in the pictures, and of course the white of the owl. Cheers!

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  7. joey says:

    Wow on that stonework, that grabbed me too. Red doors never hurt, either!
    Happy bloggaversary and thanks for sharing so much with us. šŸ™‚

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  8. facetfully says:

    Quite an interesting post. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

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  9. jan says:

    Happy bloggerversary! Such a cute owl.

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  10. mariannegv says:

    Hello Jean! Congratulations for your 3rd blogaversary (new word for me). Have a great day!

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  11. Happy Blogaversay! I love that shade of red on the brick or stone building, and the food looked delicious!
    That owl is pretty awesome. What a great day!

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  12. jesh stg says:

    A great and interesting post:) Love the bright red everywhere (and how they modernized old walls). Quite a find of “wild life”:) Still have to see my first owl. This is a beauty:)
    Congrats with your blog anniversary, Jean:) When I originally logged on wordpress, blogging was still new to me and intimidating. The worst was when you don’t have a community to write to. So, I went to blogspot where I knew 2 people., and only came back about 2 years ago and looked up my old space on wordpress when I thought that google infringed too much on my privacy.

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    • I agree with you about needing a community to be part of because I found it very daunting in the beginning. Norm’s Thursday Doors has been a big help because it makes me focus on a topic every week and be more consistent with my posts on a regular basis – even though nobody (except myself) is twisting my arm šŸ™‚


  13. joanfrankham says:

    Great day out in a lovely town, I love your red doors.

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  14. Love all the red in this post and this lovely owl! Were you the one holding it? Congrats on your 3rd anniversary!

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    • It was the man who reared it holding it. He said I might get a little peck but I could stroke the feathers if I wanted to. When I saw the band-aids on his fingers I declined the offer. šŸ™‚


  15. tnkerr says:

    Hooray for you Jean – and hooray for Norm too! Great shots here. I love all the reds!

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    • It was only after I had posted all the photos that I realized just how much red I had used in this week’s post. Even the burgers have a tinge of red in the photograph but they were well cooked.


  16. Love the red and the barn owl.

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  17. Lots of colourful doors! Happy 3rd bloganniversary. I found a door this week on the same street as my dentist! Shall post soon… It’s amazing where you find doors, I think I’m starting to get the Thursday Doors bug too!

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  18. joannesisco says:

    Happy Blogoversary!
    … and that little owl is just the cutest!!

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  19. Dan Antion says:

    Love the red doors – the food looks pretty good too!

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  20. HangryFork says:

    Where do you live? I can’t imagine going to a cool old grocery store like this. Awesome pictures!

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    • This one is in Dungarvan, county Waterford but a lot of supermarkets/stores that are situated in town centers of Ireland are in well preserved old buildings. Inside, this one is super modern with no trace of its historical background.


  21. Prior-01 says:

    Jean – I enjoyed the extras – this was like a tour – and the stonework is very cool. Now ready to sample the food. šŸ™‚

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    • Psst! If you tell them you don’t want a bun with your burger they might give you extra meat – hence the three burgers in the photo for just the two of us. But keep it to yourself, in case everyone gets the same idea and they stop being so generous (I think Dan is the only other person I mentioned this to, and he’s been sworn to secrecy).

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  22. Happy Bloggerversary Jean! Love the red and the barn owl – stunning. Love the way you and Judy(NewEnglandGarden&Thread) always manage to work food in there somehow ! Most ingenious! šŸ˜€

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  23. inesephoto says:

    The red door is fabulous, Jean! This year I missed the Festival šŸ˜¦ My friend was singing her heart out there and lost her voice šŸ™‚
    I love the owl. Do you know by chance whom she was with? I might know her šŸ™‚

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  24. Great doors, delicious food, and that barn owl is handsome. That would have been the highlight of my day to see one up close and personal. Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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  25. Ali Isaac says:

    Congratulations on your 3 years bloggoversary! Lovely post too.

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  26. Happy Versary and what a beautiful owl!

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  27. Kash Pals says:

    Congratulations on your 3 years bloggoversary. May you achieve much more such milestones. The owl is so cute. šŸ™‚

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  28. Jean, you have a great ‘eye’, which a photographer friend of mine once said, is more than half the battle in being a good photographer. You can be weighed down with equipment but if you don’t have the ‘eye’ to see and capture ‘that’ picture, forgeddaboutit. I’ve been trying to get a challenge together, (they have to be up and running for three months before you can register it, officially), called Signs of the Time. There’s one, above, I’d love you to post.

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  29. litadoolan says:

    The food festival looks delicious. The colours in the brick work are beautiful. It reminds me of some of the original buildings in the Docks of Cardiff. It’s been modernised now into a Bay but some of the old walls are there.

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