Journeymen in Ireland, and much more

Fascinating account of these young journeymen by Inese. If you’re in Ireland, keep an eye out for them.

Making memories


These young men are Benjamin and Simon, two German blacksmiths whom I met at the supermarket on my way home. They are journeymen, and their plan is to travel around the Atlantic coast and find work. They might stay in Ireland for a couple of months. If you meet them, please assist them with a lift or a place to stay over night. They have already slept outdoors, and they have no tent. I still feel bad because I did very little for them, but I met them right after I spent my only ten euros on groceries, and I had very little petrol left in the tank too. Otherwise I would drive them all the way to Youghal where they were heading to.

During our drive we had the chance for a chat, and later I read more about the Journeyman quest in the internet.

A journeyman is a skilled worker…

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4 Responses to Journeymen in Ireland, and much more

  1. Jay says:

    I could never live that life.

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  2. I always feel the ancient call when I see them and my phantasy gets food – there is a kind of freedom combines with hardship in their lifestyle, a kind of original seek when people left the place of bith to find home some place else … or just the way of travel to become wise … and no luggage, that’s what I really envy …!

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