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At last, the seventh book in the series is finally ready to be unleashed on the public. I had some help designing the cover and finding props to use as a setting – thank you Rob and Megan. These were the images we came up with:

I decided to go with the least cluttered one. I used a lock of my late father’s hair, as it is very relevant to the story line and I’ve also dedicated the book to him. The digital version is now up on Amazon as a pre-order and the print one will be available along with the ebook by early June. To those who have been waiting patiently for this one, please accept my apologies for such a long gap between books.


About Jean Reinhardt

Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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24 Responses to The Latest Book

  1. Congratulations, Jean. How exciting!


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    • Thanks, Janet. It’s a relief to have finished it. I was worried for a while that I had lost the willpower to carry on. Although they are short books, novellas really, there’s tons of research to do with each one and I’ve been finding it very hard to focus.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks jean. Just placed my order. Now June 1at can not get here soon enough. Hope the grandkids are doing good and the move to the new house was ok. Not sure you ever get settled in but that is life. Thanks also for Thursday’s doors.
    Your Big fan in Virginia.
    Ken Somerset

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    • Thank you, Ken, we’ve settled in very well, and thanks for your support and encouragement with all the books. I hope you and your family are doing well and things are good for you in Virginia.


  3. Congratulations on completing your 7th book. That is quite a milestone. I hope that along with your sense of accomplishment that it is a big success. πŸ™‚

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  4. I had no idea you’d written some books, Jean (Where have I been? πŸ™„)

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    Congratulations Jean!

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  6. sjhigbee says:

    Congratulations, Jean:))

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  7. Wow! So many book babies already! Congratulation on the new one. I love these photos, very elegant.

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  9. pattimoed says:

    Congratulations, Jean! I totally understand from my own experience the amount of work required to get a book “out the door.” I wish you the best of luck with it!

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