Thursday Doors – Cavan

In between tiling the bathroom and hand washing clothes (no electrical supply for the washing machine, yet) I managed to get into Cavan town and snap a few Thursday Doors.


Actually, Mr. R. had an appointment with his dentist, in this lovely old building with the red door, so I walked around town while he was in there. Close by the dental practice is another property with a red door.


There are some many well preserved old buildings in this town, I’ll be taking shots of doors for the next year and still not run out of new finds. Right next to this one stands an old church or presbytery that I think has been converted to a family home.


However, the main attraction in this week’s post has to be this building:


It’s the old Town Hall, which was home to Cavan’s Urban District Council from around 1908 to 2014 and is now a contemporary arts center. *

It’s lovely from every aspect but look at that door, it certainly screams art.


As for the windows . . .


. . . somebody likes blue.

‘This sandstone hall was built from 1907 to 1910 and was erected by William Ballinagh and Sons. The cost was £2,688.  The Architect was William Scott and the site was donated by Lord Farnham.  It was officially opened on 19th January 1910. The Town Hall housed offices of Cavan Town Council and was also used over the years as a Dancehall, Theatre, Cinema, Meeting Venue and Bingo Hall’ ** 

I hope you enjoyed these lovely old buildings this week. Thanks for stopping by and for more Thursday Doors, why not hop on over to Norm’s blog to see an international selection.



Source *

Source **




About Jean Reinhardt

Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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41 Responses to Thursday Doors – Cavan

  1. scooj says:

    I like the arts centre door, rather incongruous on that rather austere building. Great to see some bold art making an impression.

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  2. Jackie says:

    I was just talking to someone about converted churches and how I would feel a little weird living in one.
    Gorgeous doors!

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  3. Gorgeous doors, but what really impressed me was hand washing clothes. Now, that’s an effort so I’m hoping you get electric to the washer soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t mind the hand washing, Judy, but I wish I had a mangle, it’s spinning them I miss as it takes ages for them to dry on the line outside, that is, if it’s not raining. I brought some towels to the laundry and it was just too expensive to do every week. When we visit family I usually bring a bag with me, it surprises them if I don’t at this stage, lol.

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  4. Jim says:

    wow! homes are so close together.

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  5. jesh stg says:

    My favorite of your series today is the right house with the pointed roof in your third image – for a year in my past we lived in a house with Gothic arched windows, and I loved them for the extra light that came in.
    Oh hand washing clothes, and I thought I was roughing it with hand drying clothes:):) Hope you can use a washing machine soon!

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    I always say I think I like red doors the best, until I see a blue one. I know it’s a window, but…

    Great doors, Jean and a great thing to do while someone is at the dentist.

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  7. JT Twissel says:

    That one door really does scream art! I love it when modern art museums are in older, historic buildings. Seems fitting.


  8. That art center door really gets attention, doesn’t it? I like the blue around the windows and, of course, the red door. Stone buildings are lovely as well. Bet you can’t wait for the electricity!


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  9. I like them all, Jean.

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  10. Pistachios says:

    Those red doors really stand out amongst the dark stone of the buildings! And that blue framed window looks almost tall enough to be a door…

    Hope you get some sunshine for your washing! It always seems to rain whenever I want to do laundry

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  11. Jennie says:

    The blue made the old windows stand out, and was just right for an art center. What a wild front door! Lovely architecture.

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  12. Norm 2.0 says:

    Wow some of these buildings are very well preserved indeed. If I do ever make it to Ireland Cavan is moving higher up on the list of places I’d want to see.
    That herringbone pattern arts centre door really stands out but the red ones are my faves from this batch.
    Hopefully you’ll have power soon, hand washing is one of my least favorite activities; in fact I’d rather go to the dentist 😉

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  13. pattimoed says:

    The arts center is marvelous! I love the framing of the window and the decorative door. Thanks for taking me along on your walk! Hope you get some electricity soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have a tiny solar panel for lights which works really well and a socket from our neighbour which lets us charge our phones and laptop and one or two other devices. No tv but we don’t miss it. I do miss a fridge though and it’s getting warmer. I think we’ll have to get a three way one that can run on gas, like they use in RV’s.

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  14. pattimoed says:

    Interesting idea–about the fridge. I am currently without TV too and I don’t miss it either. I like the quiet in the evenings. It’s more relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love not having a tv, Patti. Each of us listens to what we like wearing head phones and use our tablets and laptops or mobile phones. We can be in the same room and still watch something different, we even talk to each other at times, 😉

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  15. joey says:

    Great doors! I always love the red ones.
    Nice architectural style, too. Don’t see much of that around here.

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