Thursday Doors – Ballycastle

Carrying on from last week’s Thursday Doors, here’s a few more photos from Ballycastle. Not only is the food fantastic in the Bay Café but the view is also pretty amazing, with plenty of ‘floating’ doors to see. There’s also a glimpse of Fair Head cliff in the distance, which rises to an impressive 600 feet above sea level. Last week’s shots of it were taken a little closer.

The nearby park has some interesting features, too.

The sculpture of four swans in mid-flight is the work of artist Malcolm Robertson and was unveiled in 2011. It represents the children of King Lír, turned into swans and banished by their jealous stepmother, to roam Ireland for 900 years. I remember learning about this well known Irish myth in primary school.

This lovely mosaic is where you can rinse the sand from your feet.

Of course, there is more to Ballycastle than beautiful scenery. The town has a rich heritage. If you zoom in to the next two images you can read some of the history and mythology for yourself. Robert the Bruce even gets a mention.

Some of the newer buildings are interesting, too. Like this house with a wrap-around porch.

I’ve been told the coffee in the Shorebird Coffee Hut is really good and you can look out to sea while sipping it. Unfortunately, it had just closed for the day when I got there. Next trip I’ll pay a visit.

If the weather had been a bit warmer I would have definitely sampled the ice-cream at Maud’s. I think I’ll wait until next year to try it. I settled for fish and chips instead.

On our way back to the house, the Gaffer decided to become a back seat driver. Mr. R. was not impressed.

It was lovely sharing this day out with you. If you’d like to see a few more Thursday Doors from around the globe, have a look at Norm’s blog – the links will be in the comments at the end of his post.


About Jean Reinhardt

Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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22 Responses to Thursday Doors – Ballycastle

  1. Jackie says:

    Looks like a lovely town. Ice cream season is almost, not quite, over here too.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It looks like it was a lovely day out in a charming place!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ally Bean says:

    That sculpture is really wild. Not a door, but nearby one so I figure I can comment on it! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi. Your dog definitely was engrossed by the scenery!

    Take care.

    Neil Scheinin

    Liked by 1 person

  5. msgt3227 says:

    You do capture some glorious skies in your photos Jean! I almost forgot I was supposed to be admiring the Doors! Ha! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    Lovely shots Jean. I love the public artwork and the overall feel of this as a quiet peaceful place to slow down and enjoy.
    And of course your little guy is going to be the star of any post you put him in 😀

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  7. TCast says:

    Agreed, the place looks fantastic, Jean.

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  8. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you. I am hungry now for fish & chips. It’s a little cold for ice cream (but maybe later). I love the sculpture and the floating doors.

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  9. slfinnell says:

    Here in the Midwest, the story of the children of Lir is called Swan Lake. You probably know that already lol.But I remember mother reading that one at bedtime. Love the sculpture!

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  10. Adorable dog and a charming town. Looks like a fun adventure.

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  11. joey says:

    Sometimes The Gaffer just makes the post for me, Jean — he’s such a lil gentlemen!
    I really like boats in a marina, just overall, it pleases me. To have these little details of the sculpture and the primary colors — with that blue water and bright blue sky, very pleasing.
    Next time, tea with the view! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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