Thursday Doors – Drive-by Shots

For this week’s Thursday Doors I’m sharing some drive-by shots taken from the car on a recent trip. What caught my attention as we passed by this wee church was the small number of graves on its grounds and when I looked closer at the photograph I saw a mix of old and new headstones. An internet search gave me some good information about it.

It’s in Stonebridge, County Monaghan and is a Presbytarian Church or Meeting House with a small cemetery alongside it. The oldest gravestones don’t have any dates on them but are presumed to be as old as the original church. There has been a congregation in Stonebridge from at least the 1700s and a plaque on one of the gable end walls is inscribed 1700. This most likely refers to an earlier structure that must have stood on the site before the present church was built in 1830. Historical records show at least three different rebuilds or renovations took place on that location over the centuries so the plaque from 1700 must have been saved and placed on the new or extended church in 1790 and then added to the present building that replaced the old one in 1830.

Typical two story farm house that looks like it may have been extended over the years.

This three-storey premises was built 1892, designed by architects Millar and Symes. With its beautiful stonework, this building in Clones, County Monaghan adds a lot of character to the town and is a testament to the craftsmen involved in its construction. It is still operating as a bank today. The next photograph is a building which used to be a bank but now houses a solicitors firm.

It was built about 1880 and then modified in 1922. Let’s end the post with something different. A row of fake doors and windows on a derelict building in Dundalk, County Louth.

The mural of the ‘broken wall’ giving a view into a fake room is very cleverly done, I think, and adds a bit of interest. I’m sorry it’s so blurred, I had to take the shot from a distance as there was nowhere close by to park up. Over on Dan’s blog you’ll find lots of interesting links to doors and places from around the world. Thanks for stopping by and viewing these drive-by shots on this week’s Thursday Doors.


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Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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13 Responses to Thursday Doors – Drive-by Shots

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Pretty good for drive by photos, Jean. I love the little church. I’ve learned over the years of Thursday Doors, the mystery of church dates. We have some old churches near us that have “Founded In” dates that predate the founding of Connecticut. They carry the date of the congregation’s founding, and I rather like that. A church is more about people than buildings. Your other buildings are also interesting. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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  2. Junie-Jesh says:

    Such interesting views Kean – especially the third and last view! In the third view am looking at all the outlets of the chimney! The last one the fake doors and room view ate inviting and tells me that someone cared a great deal about this building! Great to share it with us, Jesh

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  3. Teresa says:

    That graveyard is an interesting find. What can we do without Google right?

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  4. jguenther5 says:

    Nice mural. I wonder if the interior really looked like that once.

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  5. Jeshie says:

    hi Jean. Have been absent from Thurs. Doors because I had making posts troubles, and eventually deleted my blog, when they support guys took me on an endless tour of trouble shooting. So, my new url is and my username is Jeshie2.
    Still debating with myself how regular I will be with all the challenges available, but I wanted you to be able to find me:). Meanwhile I did one 36 x 36 canvas painted:) Jeshie

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    • I have the url now, I was working my way backwards on the comments, lol. That’s great news that you’re busy painting and not getting distracted too much by online activity. It’s hard to get a balance, isn’t it?

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