Thursday Doors – Earl Street

Earl Street in Dundalk County Louth is such an interesting place, I don’t know why I haven’t posted more about it on Thursday Doors.

Most of the buildings have been beautifully preserved like the restaurant above. It is part of a premises that was built in 1875 and used to house the Dundalk Democrat, a local paper that operated from a hotel originally in 1849 and is still in business today just around the corner in Crowe Street. In fact, the newspaper is such an integral part of the town’s history that I included it in at least two of my Irish Family Saga books.

The next image is of the recently refurbished former Queen’s Hotel, which is now home to a variety of offices, including a solicitor’s practise. There had been a hotel or inn there continually for over 300 years until the last one fell into disrepair. Thankfully, a preservation order has saved it from any demolition and today it stands as a beautiful, elegant addition to Earl Street.

It is situated on the corner of Earl Street and Crowe Street and I took the photo below about a year ago, when the refurbishment was just beginning.

Thank you for stopping by, if you carry on over to Dan’s blog you’ll find a great selection of links to interesting posts from around the globe. Next month I’ll have some Thursday Doors from the museum, just a stones throw from Earl Street.


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Author of 'A Pocket Full of Shells' an Amazon International best seller, Jean writes young adult and historical fiction. She has been known to shed a tear over Little House on the Prairie.
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11 Responses to Thursday Doors – Earl Street

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks goodness for that preservation order. That’s a beautiful building and it would be a shame to lose it in favor of a modern structure, built on the cheap as they often are. The street looks lovely, Jean. I could easily spend some time wandering around.

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  2. Emille says:

    Good to see you back, Jean! This looks a fun street to go through, and linger to soak up the ambience:) Emille (Jesh)

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  3. Priti says:

    Beautiful building and the doors are looking excellent. Well shared thanks.👍😊

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  4. marianallen says:

    That former hotel is stunning! What is it now?

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