Fighting With Both Hands

Jean Reinhardt:

Have you thought about writing a series? Find out how David Gaughran feels about it.

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

The LibertiesThis blog has been quieter than usual lately and I thought I should let you know what I’ve been doing.

I’m going to prattle on for quite a while; you might want to get comfortable (or head off to Tumblr).


It’s good to do a bit of soul searching now and then, to look at what you have achieved, where your career is headed, and to decide if you are on the right track.

My goals and dreams have changed a lot since I started self-publishing in 2011. I haven’t been a big success, but I’ve been able to tick off little career milestones along the way. Some months my sales are wonderful, some months they are terrible – generally a function of how long it is since I released or promoted something. Overall, the good months more than outweigh the bad and I’ve been scratching out a…

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Early Bird

hen and egg photoIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

Last summer our family stayed on an eco-campsite in county Clare, Ireland. It was in the small village of Querrin, on the Loop Head peninsula. Each morning we went to the campers’ kitchen to make breakfast and received a warm welcome, but my granddaughter was not too keen on the reception committee (as you can see from the photograph). If you are in Ireland this year and fancy getting close to nature check out Purecamping. It’s close to the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher and many other interesting places, well worth a visit.

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Day 365

Jean Reinhardt:

An image for every day of the year. Great photography project undertaken by Philip O’Brien.

Originally posted on Gra na Beatha Photography:

Well it has arrived. 365 pictures and 3,500 visitors later, I have reached the end of this leg of my journey through life. Im both happy and sad that I have reached the end of this project. It has been hard going some days but ooohh so worth the effort. I have had the opportunity to get an insight into what really makes me tick, what kinds of photography I enjoy, and what I am capable of doing when I really commit to it.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to check in on my progress each day. I want to wish those of you on your own 365 journey all the best and to tell you that reaching day 365 will be so  fulfilling for you too. So stick with it!!

I started this journey with a photo of my favourite subject, flowers, so I…

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The Bench


You’ll find me everywhere you go

From mountains high to valleys low

And in your haste from A to B

My resting place you fail to see.


But there are times you take a break

Relaxing in the change of pace

When you stop to take a photograph

Of ancient walls and epitaphs.

Those are the moments, at ease and alone,

You answer my call to your weary bones.


As you rest your eyes on a foreign scene

Your thoughts escape to a village green

To a culture and language you understand

To a bench like me in your native land.

Jean Reinhardt 2015

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Indie ReCon – 2015

IndieReCon – It’s Coming! It’s Coming There’s a free, online self-publishing conference taking place next week. It’s the third year of IndieReCon, and they have an action-packed schedule filled with all sorts of great stuff – a mixture of posts, vlogs, webinars, as well as the opportunity to drill deeper into the various topics with a series of online and Twitter chats. The fun kicks off next Wednesday, April 15th at 7:30 (EDT) and runs until Friday, April 17th . Be sure to drop in, there’s some cool stuff planned, and it’s all FREE (make sure to register to gain access). Register here – it’s free.

In one week, IndieReCon will return to the web and we’d love to have you join us! Last year with over 25,000 visitors, IndieReCon was awesome with chats and giveaways and days of helpful and pertinent information. This year will be even bigger and better! To kick us off we’ll have S.R. Johannes and Ali Cross, founders of IndieReCon, welcome you to this year’s conference. Following our welcome join Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, and Orna Ross, bestselling author and founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors for a wide-ranging discussion about the changing landscape, what it means for writers, readers and author services these days, and their top tips to enable you to publish and sell great books with the minimum of fuss.

You’ll also discover insider secrets from representatives from around the industry, learn the basics of self-publishing, try your hand at serials, work with other authors to maximize your marketing efforts and much, much more. We have contests and tons of giveaways including KOBO ereaders packed with books. Not to mention, it’s a great place to network, connect and have a lot of fun.

Our other special speakers include: Rachel Abbot Piers Alexandar Porter Anderson Bella Andre Jay Artale Amanda Barbara Jessica Belle Guido Caroti Paul Cameron Tom Chalmers Robin Cutler Seth Dillon David Farland Ricardo Fayet Christina Fonesca Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin Barbara Freethy Joel Friedlander Jane Friedman Ben Galley Dan Holloway Steena Holmes Karen Inglis Maris Kreizman Jim Kukral Sharmaine Lovegrove CJ Lyons Mark McGuinness Kathy Meis Sam Missingham Toby Mundy Roz Morris Christine Nolfi Yen Ooi Joanna Penn David Penny Rohan Quine Penny C. Sansevieri Miral Sattar Helen Sedwick Victoria Strauss Michael Sullivan Rebecca Swift Peter Urpeth HM Ward Debbie Young You can now view our schedule, our speaker bios, and our awesome sponsors. See you at IndieReCon April 15th -17th, 2015! #IndieReCon #IRC15

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Foam Therapy

writing, authors,

Agatha Christie is supposed to have said that doing the dishes is a good time for planning a book. Even the actor Liam Neeson, in an interview for Vanity Fair, quite a few years back, admitted to finding washing up therapeutic. I have to admit to being in agreement with both of them, I suppose you could call it foam therapy.

I have never liked dishwashers (the machines). There is something very  calming about rolling up your sleeves and plunging your hands into warm, soapy water. When we lived in Spain, my husband bought me a dishwasher and I rarely used it. I don’t think he was thinking of my poor old hands at the time – it was more a case of filling a gap between the under-counter units that had been plumbed for such a ‘labour saving’ device. The day that dishwashers fill and empty by themselves and can scrub pots clean, is when they will truly be labour saving in my eyes.

So the dishwasher was only used on weekends, when my husband was off work, just to show my appreciation. It wasn’t long before I noticed that I was having trouble making up the Saturday shopping list, so I bought some Omega fish oil to help boost the old grey matter. It was while I was sitting in front of a blank page one weekend, tapping a pen against my temple, trying to plan my next attack on the local supermarket (I hate shopping) that I realized what my problem was.

The sound of dishes being washed and rinsed while I was trying to do another task was totally unnatural to me. I came to the conclusion that I did my best thinking while dishwashing. Normally, by the time I had finished the breakfast dishes, I would have the shopping list for that day composed in my head, ready to be jotted down.

We moved back to Ireland minus the dishwasher and for the past seven years I’ve had no trouble organizing the weekend shopping list. In fact, I wrote my first book on our return and a lot of it was ‘dreamed up’ at the kitchen sink. This task continues to provide periods of inspiration during the day, so much so, that I keep a small notebook and pen at hand in the kitchen, to jot ideas into.

What about you? Is there some task or activity that inspires your writing or creativity? Or one you find relaxing and therapeutic?

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ephemeral.”


Definition of Ephemeral: fleeting, momentary, brief.

That’s exactly how long these yummy Pastel de Belen tarts lasted when placed on the table in front of me and my sisters on a trip to Lisbon. They were delicious and Ephemeral.

Watch Jamie Oliver’s quick recipe for these Portuguese Custard Tarts on Youtube.

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Morality – a writer’s best friend

Jean Reinhardt:

Something to ponder over. Thanks to Dylan Hearn

Originally posted on Suffolk Scribblings:

moral-compass Image source:

One of the things I enjoy most about writing is exploring morality. At its most basic level, morality is just a question of right and wrong. It’s a black and white issue. Take theft, for example. The definition of theft is:


The dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession

Not many of us would disagree that theft is wrong, but is it always wrong?

To punish a thief?

A young woman is caught stealing from a store. Theft is wrong and she should be punished. But what if it was food she was stealing for her hungry children? Is it still wrong? What if she had recently lost her job and had no way of feeding her children? What if the job she’d lost was at the store and the sore owner owed her a month’s…

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fresh.”

rob's penguins Fresh

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Author vs. Writer

Jean Reinhardt:

Interesting distinction made here.

Originally posted on Anita Lovett & Associates:

Authors and writers are one and the same, are they not? After all, your favorite author is the genius writer of your favorite novel, right? You may be surprised to learn that some professionals dislike being labeled a writer because they are, in fact, the author of a literary work. Confused? Let us help.

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