Thursday Doors – Murlough Bay Cottages, County Antrim

My daughter and her husband live in the Causeway Coast and Glens area of County Antrim in Northern Ireland and they sent me these lovely photos of cottages and scenery around Murlough Bay for this week’s Thursday Doors. So thank you Elaine and Orrin for sharing them with us. They often explore the surrounding countryside in search of interesting places that would appeal to tourists renting their traditional Irish holiday cottage (of course the bonus for me is there are usually a few nice doors to be found in the process). The first image is a neat little house with a half door (also known as a Dutch door). It has the word Bothy written on it, which is a small dwelling left unlocked to be used as a refuge by travellers. In the past they were often used to house farm labourers and itinerant workers.

Dan is hosting the First Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge over on his blog so I’ll nominate this bothy door. It might inspire someone.

Jay-walking is quite acceptable to sheep and this lot obviously believe they own the road. Just because they’re covered in wool they think they have the right to weave in and out of the traffic, holding everyone up. In the background is an old lime kiln, one of two on the road to Murlough Bay.

Those sheep think they own the grass, too.

I’ll end this week’s post with a photo of a lovely traditional cottage that looks out onto the bay. With so many chimneys I imagine it’s really cosy in the winter.

Dan has lots of lovely doors to view over on his blog. If you’re feeling energetic here’s a nice virtual hike you can take around the Murlough Bay area, with some gorgeous coastal images, and on next week’s Thursday Doors I’ll have a few more shots from another of Elaine and Orrin’s trips to share with you.


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17 Responses to Thursday Doors – Murlough Bay Cottages, County Antrim

  1. It looks idyllic. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Thanks for providing a door and some interesting history for the writing challenge, Jean. I love the idea of a β€œBotha” door – people helping people, what could be better.. I love your doors today. If I ever step out of the US again, I think I’d have to visit Ireland. I love the photos of the sheep. They are such adorable bundles of fluff.

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  3. Of all the countries I have visited, I can easily say, Ireland had the friendliest people and beautiful scenery. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures.

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  4. What a lovely spot, Jean! I’ve had the same experience with cattle in Wyoming as they had with these sheep (which are still so woolly.) I really like the Dutch door. Our daughter’s in-laws in southern California have a Dutch door for their front door which means when it’s nice they can have the top open and still feel like the door’s closed.


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  5. Jennie says:

    Charming! Love the sheep in the road.

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  6. I love your pictures of Ireland, Jean.

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